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I am a passionate and devoted advocate of healing in all its forms, understood as a profound understanding of oneself that heals us and also heals the reality we find ourselves in. After my academic studies, I fell in love with Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medical science, the science of a useful and happy life, and Traditional Thai Medicine. In my AyurThai studio in Pordenone, I work as a therapist providing Ayurvedic and Thai treatments, as well as offering guidance on Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle. I also host doctors and therapists from various fields related to healing. I organize and facilitate personal growth programs, both in-person and online, including topics such as Ayurveda, Symbolic World of Fairy Tales, Enneagram, Alchemy, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel.


A journey inside the body to relax, energize, harmonize it.

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Thai massage is magical. Thai massage is a magical dance. Thai massage is a magical dance that heals.


Shiro Dhara, head oiling, is one of the most beautiful gifts that Ayurveda has given to humanity.

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The eloquent smile had been a reason to discover this dimension of Eleonora, already encountered in other situations. Professionalism, depth, energy, and great hospitality were the motivations that led me to continue benefiting from her new world dedicated to 'well-being'. I highly recommend experiencing it.

Amabile Turcatel

The studio is a wonderful environment... She is a professional masseuse and someone who listens to your needs and is always available. Highly recommended place for those who want to take a breath of fresh air and recharge from daily stresses... top-notch!!

Donatella Brancaccio

Eleonora is an amazing person, extremely helpful and attentive, but above all, she is super professional and always up to date! Thanks to her, I was able to overcome a difficult period, and in a short time, she managed to get me back on my feet without any more pain! The environment is comfortable.

Antonella Citro

Online Learning

In addition to my work as a therapist and consultant, I love organizing and managing personal growth programs, both in person and online, conducted by myself or other professionals whom I deeply admire and respect. I love my speakers and the programs they offer because they provide fresh perspectives on current topics, delve into ancient subjects and apply them to the here and now, combine beauty with practicality, and provide keys to open doors that we didn't know existed. Over the years, we have covered topics such as Ayurveda, Creative Writing, Sacred Feminine, Evolutionary Astrology, Symbolic World of Fairy Tales, Family Constellations, Enneagram, Alchemy, Lucid Dreaming, and Astral Travel. And for 2021-2022, we have some exciting surprises in store...

Discover our collaborators.

Francesca Piemonte

Spiritual researcher, facilitator of Kambo ceremonies, reiki, shiatsuka and tantrika.

Takamasa Hirai

Born in Japan, from a young age he embarked on a path of research and spiritual knowledge of natural and alternative treatments.

Rajesh Shrivastava

Born in Bihar, he graduated in Ayurveda Medicine from the University of Bhopal and graduated in Yoga from the Vivekananda Kendra (Yoga Research Institute) in Gwalior and Kanyakumari, India.

Awakening Path

Leave space for the magic to happen: 3 Ayurthai treatments of your choice. 3 Ayurthai treatments of 90 minutes each

3 Ayurthai treatments of 90 minutes each
Fullness Path

The magic is fully revealed in your essence: 5 Ayurthai treatments of your choice. 5 Ayurthai treatments of your choice of 90 minutes

5 Ayurthai treatments of your choice of 90 minutes
The touch of the Goddess

An authentic journey into the different bodies and dimensions of Being: 3 consecutive days of massage and Shiro Dhara. 3 consecutive days of massage and shiro dhara at an incredible price

3 consecutive days of massage and shiro dhara at an incredible price

Become the wonder you already are

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